Chad Lee is known for his high-energy stage show and skilled songwriting. Whether performing hit cover songs or his original music Chad never seizes to impress his audience.  Based out of Omaha, Chad hits the stage with an electrifying four peace band. LIVE!! It’s hard to miss the electricity coming from the stage when Chad and his band are performing their show. Although Chad’s roots are grown from a strong country music seed, he is certainly not afraid to branch out and nail other music styles. With professionalism, instrumentation, and great musicianship, Chad and his band are able to cover a wide variety of original and cover music…From stone cold country Merle Haggard, bluesy tunes by Ray Charles, big hair sounds of Journey & Bon Jovi, to the Eagles and Tom Petty then back with modern day country radio hits from artists like Dierks Bentley & Kenny Chesney….